About Us

The activewear brand that serves you no matter your health status.

We’re on a mission to get people moving – especially those going through chronic illnesses like cancer – because we believe activity is the body’s most important medicine.
When you get active after diagnosis you reduce your recovery time, increase your quality of life, and shatter the disease's chance of winning. You create endorphins that make you feel better and reduce your pain. You take the path towards a better life after the illness. And you learn that sometimes in life all you need is a little NURV.   


NURV started from a seemingly simple question: what would it look like if the hospital got active?  As a varsity athlete on UNC Chapel Hill’s Track and Field team, NURV's founder, Andrew Pedersen, knew firsthand that an active lifestyle can positively change a person’s life. 
While doing some basic research, he found study after study that shows being active is one of the most important things you can do as you go through an illness like cancer. For example, women who were active after a breast cancer diagnosis had an approximately 40% to 50% lower chance of dying from breast cancer than a sedentary woman. Reflecting back on his brother's experience battling aplastic anemia, a rare condition where your body stops producing blood cells, it all made sense.
Andrew's brother was active everyday as an inpatient going through chemo and a bone marrow transplant and ended up recovering faster than anyone before him – he knew that being active was his key to a better recovery.
Because of these realizations Andrew knew he had to do something, and NURV was born.


We believe NURV has the power to change lives and because of that we want to reach as many people as possible.  To do this, for every garment we sell we will give a similar adaptive garment to a patient in need.